About us

Kentech Energy provides solutions in lump sums, project or technical assistance for project in Energy sectors, Infrastructures, automation and industrial IT, project management and financing.

Thanks to our Technical & Financials partners  and our team of highly skilled & experimented engineers, we provide solutions and services in:


  • Renewable Energy : Solar, biomass, biogas…with strong experience in solar sector.
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Solar and industrial Equipment trading
  • Other energy : Diesel generators, gas plant,…


  • Distributed control system (DCS),
  • Engineering and programming of Programmable Logic controller (PLC)

Safety system :

  • Programming of Safety PLC


  • Conception and implementation of Human Machine Interface
  • Conception and implementation of SCADA system

Industrial IT and advanced automation solution
Implementation and optimization of alarm management system according to the following standards :

    • EEMUA Pub. 191 – Alarm Systems – A Guide to Design, Management and Procurement
    • ISA 18.2 – Management of Alarm Systems for the Process Industries
      Historian, Analyzing and visualzation of industrial data
      Our engineers implement solutions around the following data historian
    • PI Osisoftv
    • IP21 Aspentech
    • Wonderware historian

Custom software development : you have a specific need? Our engineers surely have an answer.

Our Philosophy

Being a excellence and innovative company in the eyes of our employees, our customers and
our partners
Permanent ambition to guarantee the complete satisfaction of our customers to create a longterm
Attract and retain the best talent in the industry. We guarantee a level of excellence to our
clients because our employees are trained and certified to implement the latest technologies
on the market.
Excellence / Innovation / Creativity / Ambition / Adaptability

Our Approach
An agile company with a flexible approach to meet the needs of our clients.
Kentech Energy offers to its customers comprehensive solutions to achieve their projects in the best environment and conditions.