From concept through the planning, implementation, production and commissioning on site, our highly experienced Project Managers work closely with you and yours subcontractors to ensure compliance and ease of operation
They completely understand the customer’s needs and make every effort to offer the best solution required for project delivery while meeting cost and time.

Our project Management services include :

Assistance to Technical Project Management:

  • Technical management of the project engineers and technicians
  • Management of the implementation, manufacturing and production planning
  • Coordination of the technical fields related to the project: design, specification, validation, tunning
  • Supervision of projects and installations
  • Technical Interfaces Management
  • Supervision of pre-commissioning and commissioning activities: Client’s assistance in his undertakings and planning supervision of all the to-do tasks
  • Subcontractors management
  • Pre and Post sales technical customer support

Project management:

  • Project Audit
  • Projet Execution plan
  • Technical solutions roll-out support
  • Feasibility / Impact assessments
  • Project execution follow-up
  • Planning
  • Supervision of processes, planning, project analysis (reporting, charts, quality tools)
  • Technical and financial risks analysis
  • Project control (cost, milestones, …)
  • Project Quality